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How to Overcome Your Jet Lag?

It seems that you’ve finally called in at Ryanair Contact Number to book your latest flight so you can go ahead to enjoy your next vacation in Hawaii. It doesn’t matter, whether you’ve accumulated thousands of Frequent Flier Miles, or you want to experience an exotic vacation on the scenic beaches of Hawaii, it’s apparent that very soon you’re going to experience the phenomenon of “Jet lag”. Jet lag is a very common issue faced by almost every frequent flier and it can have a profound effect on your sleeping routine and alertness.

For many years, Jet lag was considered to be a state of mind. However, with the recent studies and research in the field, it’s been proven that this condition actually arises from an imbalance in our body’s natural “biological clock” caused due to travelling to different time zones. As a fact, our bodies tend to work on a 24-hour cycle called “circadian rhythms” that consists of a number of things such as eating and sleeping. Any sort of major change in time zones can get our bodies confused to carry out all these processes which can eventually lead to extreme fatigue, indigestion and bowel problems, loss of appetite, memory and concentration issues or a general feeling of being unwell.

Below enlisted are few of the most helpful tips that can help you overcome this process in a much quicker and faster way:

  • If you religiously follow a strict routine for your dinner and sleeping habits, the chances are every high that you would be suffering the most with Jetlag Issues. If you’re into flexible routine, you’re at more advantage to overcome the Jetlag effect.

  • Plan your flight accordingly, so you can arrive in daylight at the airport and your body will feel like staying awake and more adaptable to the new schedule. Also, try and buildup few stopovers, so your body can get more time to adapt to the new routine.

  • Try to have as much water as possible as it will help to keep your body hydrated and avoid caffeine-induced beverages such as coffee or energy drinks as they can affect your sleeping patterns as well as increase tiredness and cause dehydration which will add to your woes upon arrival.

  • Once you’re on the plane, make sure to set up watch to the new time zone of your destination on earliest basis as it will help you getting psychologically aligned with the new place. Also, keep moving in the flight and do subtle exercises to feel more awake and energized.

  • After reaching the new destination, try to get as much as daylight as you can as it will help you feel better and also try to compensate your lack of sleep with adequate hours of sleeping.

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