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Want to discover a blend of historical and natural beauty in Ranikhet…?

There is a good possibility that you fail to describe the real beauty of Ranikhet despite of listing out every possible adjective you know..! Such is the might of Ranikhet. This city offers numerous tourists attraction places and is always a preferred destination of tourists visiting north India. If you are planning for a trip to this place, make sure to book your accommodation well in advance. It is because hotels in Ranikhet always have handful of tourists.

Holm Farm of this city is a unique place to visit. Surrounded by the Kumaon hills, it is a visual treat to witness its beauty. This same bungalow is equally reputed for its might history. You can experience a blend of historical and natural beauty on your trip to Holm Farm. Here under, we detail you a few important historical aspects of this bungalow:

Gorkhas Regime:

Dating back to 17th century, it was Gorkhas, who were dominant in the areas of Kumaon and Gharwal. In the hilly region of Kumaon, Kumpoor served as their base. However, there reached a stage, where the local residents can’t tolerate the atrocities of the Ghorkas and they invited the British to free them from Gorkhas regime.

British Invasion:

When the British arrived to conquer this place, a young officer, Norman Troupe was so carried away by the beauty of Ranikhet that he decided to settle down at his place after retirement. When Lord Mayo became the Governor General of India, he decided to shift the summer capital from Shimla to Ranikhet. When Norman Troupe was asked to fetch some land, he sold 5,000 acres of land to the British and retained 250 acres for himself. However, he was obstructed when he was making preparations for the construction of the bungalow. On the request of local residents, he selected the eastern part of Ranikhet to build his bungalow. Initially, it was named Holmes Estate and later became popular as Holm Farm.

Post Independence:

After the death of Norman Troupe, Mohd Amin purchased the building and the ownership passed onto different persons until India gained its Independence. Madan Mohan Upadhyaya, a close friend of Nehru and a freedom fighter owned this property. This person is known as ‘The Tiger of Kumaon’ for his revolutionary thoughts and actions. During the British regime, he was always a pain in the neck for them. One famous story about this person is that he escaped in the disguise of a woman when the British army attacked a village to capture him alive.

Today, in the hills of Kumaon, Holm Farm stands tall and marvelous just like its owner. Currently, the bungalow is owned by the son of Madan Mohan Upadhyaya. Holm Farm is a remainder of the mighty struggle by our freedom fighters. It preserves the memories of our forgotten leaders. It has an elegant natural and historical beauty embedded in it. You trip to this place doesn’t only introduce you the beauty of Ranikhet but also shows you the untold stories on Indian freedom struggle. Look out for the best service provider among the resorts of Ranikhet when you plan a trip to Queen’s Land.

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