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Tourist attractions in Mandu- Mandu-A Historical place

Madhya Pradesh is the 2nd biggest state in India. It is located in the center of the India and also is also called as heart of India or perhaps Central India. This state is popular for its tourism since it is famous for wildlife and some religious destinations.

A big wide range of tourists go to Madhya Pradesh every year. The trips correspond to different aspects; however, historical    trips are really most popular. The state has a  wide range of historical interests.

Historical places of Madhya Pradesh

The historical destinations of Madhya Pradesh are beautiful Bhopal, Indore and Gwalior. It has many palaces, mosques, temples and temples besides various architectural wonderment. Orchha and Mandu have the best beautiful scenic resorts.

Mandu also bears the historical significance and so tourists are very muc interested to see the place . Many tourist choose to travel in a group in packages provide by the tour providers. These are far more economical when compared to independent travel and also it is well organized. There is better safety in travel on tourism packages because these tours may be professionally organized and also managed by tour leader.

About Mandu package trips

The Mandu package trips cover every aspect of online air booking , hotel accommodations, travel arrangements and food services. The tour companies additionally arrange town sightseeing, tiger safaris and additionally pilgrimage. They have experienced people within the respective areas that conduct the tours in a much better way and make your travel memorable.

Choose group travel for your Mandu trip

Unlike independent travel, group travel tend you the opportunity to make friends with other tourist fellows. Package tour provides you pecuniary vantages as well as tour operator gets much discounts from hotels and also other service providers cheapest flight tickets . One must choose reputable tourist company potentially referred by a person who has toured with them. They also do provide you discounts and other offers which you can avail domestic flight tickets , bus tickets etc. You need to search on the internet for the best and they will provide you the best.ranakpur-temple.jpg

Mandu is one of the most famous historical places in India

Mandu is one of the historical and most famous places in India, and is also known as shad bad which means the city of joy. Mandu, or Mandavgarh, is beautiful city in the Dhar district of western Madhya Pradesh state, central India. Mandu is always remembered for a very romantic love story between its last King Baz Bahadur and his love Rani Rupmati – a lovely Rajput peasant girl. Mandu has various ancient monuments like The Ashrafi mahal, The Jahaz mahal, The Rani Rupamati mahal, The Hindola mahal etc. Mandu is an ancient town of the medieval age, set against the backdrop of the Vindhyas. It is a fortified place on a rocky outcrop is celebrated for its fine architecture. The most famous places to visit in Mandu are The Hindola mahal, The Jahaz mahal, Tomb of Hoshang Shah, The Taveli mahal, The Jami Masjid, Baz Bahadur’s palace and Rupmati’s pavilions.

Mandu’s climate remains Cheerful almost throughout the year. The summer season lasts from April to June. The climatic condition of Madhya Pradesh, summer seasons in Mandu are hot. However, due to its lofty position, the heat is manageable and gentle as compared to other towns or cities like Gwalior and Ujjain. The highest temperature during the summers is 36 oC. The beauty of Mandu can be enjoyed much during monsoons. This season starts from July and ends in September. The average annual rainfall of Mandu is recorded at 1050 mm. The whole place covers with green growth, with fruit-laden and huge trees of mango, tamarind, and banyan. Monsoon is the most appropriate time to relish the charm of Mandu.

You can reach Mandu by anyone of the three i.e. By Air, By Train or Bus. The nearest airport is that of Indore which is 100 kms far from Mandu and it is linked with major cities in the country. There are regular services by various airlines to Indore. Mandu is 99 kms from Indore which can be covered on a bus or hired taxi. Mandu is also connected with Bhopal by direct buses. Daily bus services are available from Indore, Bhopal, Ratlam and Ujjain.

The monuments of Mandu are open to public daily between sunrises to sunset. A nominal admission fee of Rs. 5/- for Indians and U.S. $ 2 or Rs. 100/- for foreigners are payable at Royal Complex, Tomb of Hoshang Shah and Roopmati Pavilion at Mandu and entry is free for children below 15 years.

Overall, Mandu, is a place that celebrates the various aspects of joy, love and beauty. This sleepy town still strikes with a regal charm of the past.

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