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Top reasons for you to visit Leh

Leh is a small town sitting amongst stark surroundings in Jammu and Kashmir State. It is a Buddhist town and best exhibits the nature, culture, and hospitality of Northern India.

While arranging an excursion to Leh, the principal question everybody asks is whether you are going via air or road. It is known fact that Leh is exceptionally delightful and many consider that the picturesque magnificence of the spot could be best appreciated while going by road. Yet, for a specific niche of tourists the experience is just as charming as they fly to the place. With a cover of snow on the mountains, your entrance to Leh-Ladakh is really encouraging via flights. There are numerous things in Leh that are exquisite to its geography, however for some, what appeals about Leh’ is its unparalleled capacity to stun you, and a backpacker will bow down to its magnificence over and over.

Green is not the transcendent color of Leh and the region around. One of only a handful but interesting places to visit in Leh, the Magnetic Strip pulls in individuals for its unique ability to break the laws of gravity. A vehicle, which is not in motion, would climb the road voluntarily! Researchers have neglected to conclude the reason for this and yes it is quite intriguing and miraculously true!

The Pangong Lake – the spot that recently became popular, post the shooting of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots here is a must visit. The lake’s surface overflowing with flawless water reflects three particular shades of water. Also, the snow-topped mountains in the background add to its radiance. The chilling spot is undoubtedly a sight you will always remember. There’s an Aamir Khan eatery at an elevation of 13,940 ft. Bear in mind to visit the restaurant while you are here.

The Kahr is yet another prominent point of interest of Leh. Its popularity dates back to the seventeenth century. Being in Leh and missing a sight of this high importance is simply impossible. In such cases, it appears that something has unpleasantly turned out badly with your tour plan, or you were elsewhere in Ladakh except Leh. It houses Leh Palace, Namgyal Gompa, and Tsemo Castle on the same hills that are home to this complex. The exhibition hall houses an impressive gathering of decorations, thangkas, gems, and 450 years old paintings that look as new as possible

Another tourist spot that you are relied upon to visit without a fail is the Hall of Fame. It is a spot that worth a visit from each Indian to get the feeling of patriotism run through their veins and salute the soul of heroes of the Kargil War, particularly in the event that you have not been to Kargil War Memorial, which lies on Srinagar – Leh Highway. There is another section, where you can see and get a thought of different things that structures the harsh existence of our valiant soldiers posted at Siachen viz. the shoes utilized by them, the food they eat, and how they warm their bodies by taking Hexa Mycin tablets. You will leave with an alternate feeling on the off chance that you truly respect those valiant souls, an opportunity that can help you to correlate and compare their tough life with yours, which we continue cribbing over either some official matters, or the day by day little issues in life.

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