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See Delhi Through the Lens of Your Camera

Today, the technology of digital cameras has made everyone a photo enthusiast. Many people travel just to store the memories of the different places and keep a store of experience in their albums.

So, when you decide to visit Delhi, have delhi day tours through the lens of your camera. Photographers from all over the world come to click the pictures of some of the most scenic places in Delhi.

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Here are all the places which are most famous for their scenic beauty.

  1. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Situated near Connaught Place, the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib offers beautiful photo opportunities. The golden dome blending with the marble floor lets you click amazing pictures. Apart from the structural beauty, you can also find a lot of stories which will make your picture alive. The people helping others and the purity of the environment will hypnotize your mind and fingers and the clicks will go on and on.

  1. Lodi Gardens

Situated near the Khan Market, Lodi Gardens is an archaeological paradise for the photographers. The beautiful tombs, built during the fifteenth and sixteenth century, provide amazing artwork and architecture to spend your camera memory on.

  1. Qutab Minar

This place needs no introduction, as photographers from all over the world have clicked amazing pictures of the tallest brick Minar in the world. Very well-known Qutab Minar is located in Mehrauli, South Delhi. You can explore different angles here during the different time of the day.

  1. Humayun’s Tomb

A combination of gardens and the tomb, the Humayun Tomb is an amazing choice for the people who want to add some awesome shots in their collection. The well-structured angles of the tomb allow you to play with the symmetry and bring out some mesmerizing clicks.

  1. Chandni Chowk Street

Though the market is full of hustle-bustle, it provides very nice photo opportunities for the budding photographers. Here, they can challenge their capacities and learn to blend in the crowd of old Delhi. The colours and the stories are two most important reasons, which make Chandni Chowk a favourite of the photographers.

  1. Red Fort

Red Fort is a place where photographers from all over the world come from. The red sandstone walls make the fort a favourite of your lens. The floral decorations and the use of ornament inside the fort look beautiful if clicked from right angles. Plus, the jewellery and other shops outside of the Fort allow great photo opportunities.

So, if you have a photographer inside you, don’t bind it. Increase your limits and travel to explore yourself in different places of the world. Start from Delhi and build a strong memory with the beautiful clicks. There are many agencies offering one day delhi tour for the photographers.

That is all on this topic. Remember, as a photographer, you need to challenge yourself with new opportunities. Only then you will be able to reach the level of excellence you desire. And for the experienced photographers, these places will add more to your collection.

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