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Important sites of Panchmari, Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi is revealed by British Army Captain – JamesForsyth in 1857 and also wrote book on Pachmarhi called “The high ground of Central India”. Dark green forests and its in-avaibility for normal person had made it a safe place for hideout for freedom fighters like great Rani Jhansi, fighterTatya Topa etc. Presence of remarkable 5 ancient caves had made it eminent with the name of Pachmarhi where the word “Panch” means five and the word ”Marhi” means caves. Its picturesque beauty as well as climate had made it well-liked among Britishers in pre-independence period in summer season.

Pachmarhi is a hill station of Madhya Pradesh located on a large plateau Mahadeo hills of Satpura ranges. It is generally known as “Queen of Satpura”. Pachmarhi situated in the Hoshangabad district of among all tourist spots of Madhya Pradesh; Pachmarhi is the most preferred tourist spot among domestic tourists of India. Mostly it is visited by domestic travelers from all over the India particularly from Maharashtra, Gujarat, and West Bengal. Pachmarhi sightseeing is of 2-3 days long. Satpura National Park is also another appeal for Pachmarhi visitors as Tigers are there in Park.

Pachmarhi Hill Station
Pachmarhi Hill Station is located at the height of 3555 feet from sea level. Pachmarhi is frequently visited during Diwali, New-year eve and summer vacation times. Pachmarhi has all characteristics of picturesque beauty of Nature. Beautiful waterfalls, streams, wild-life and presence of some uncommon genus of medicinal plants have made it most picturesque tourist spot of Madhya Pradesh.

Pachmarhi is home to many picturesque scenaries like beautiful streams, waterfalls and wildlife, which makes it so popular among the tourists, who flock to the region all throughout the year. The region also has some really interesting centuries old cave painting that awes visitors to the region.
Jata Shankar:
According to the mythological belief that lord Shiva sheltered inside a cave of this place. It was a sheer belief that when the Shiva wants to cover himself due to the fear of Asur Bhasmasur he took shelter at this place. There is all about 108 Shivalinga shaped naturally inside this cave.
Pandav Caves:
According to the mythological belief that the caves were supposed to be built around 6th to 7th century. According to the opinion of the historians, the Pandavas are said to have spent their phase during the time of exile in these caves.
Handi Khoh:
It is 300 feet deep V-shape narrow valley created by two gigantic hills. It is said that the British officer Handi has committed suicide by jumping into the ravine.

This is the position from where the captain Forsyth first observed the loveliness of Pachmarhi in 1857. It is also known as Forsyth Point. In the year of 1964, Indira Gandhi visited this place and so this place was recognized as Priyadarshini Point. The point gives a breath taking view of scenery of Pachmarhi.
Dutch Fall:
Dutch Fall is another beautiful waterfall in Pachmarhi. The beauty of waterfall gets many more times at the time of rainy season. The fall can be visited from near. You can experience the water droplets coming at you when you go close to the waterfall.
Echo Point:
Here the people can practice the existence of the voice in the natural world and can sense the stirring spirit in nature.
Amba Bai Temple:
It is located on Pachmarhi – Pipariya road. It is very close to Begam Palace
Satpura National Park
The uncommon species from the cat family is located in Satpura National Park.
Bade Mahadeo:
According top the mythological belief Lord Vishnu incarnated as Mohini and killed the demon King Bhasmasur here.
4429 feet high this place is the uppermost point in Pachmarhi. Harvatsa Kot was the previous name of this place. Tourists can take pleasure in the vision of sunrise as well as sunset from this point. To see the sun rising as well as setting is distinctive and it is an experience beyond the expression which cannot able to describe the beautiful picture.

Pachmarhi is also pretty well connected by means of train and road transports. The region is only 47 km from Pipariya which is the nearest rail head of the region. Besides that there are several bus services that connect Pachmarhi to other regions of the state and neighboring areas. Hiring a four wheeler is probably the best option to get to this region.

There are also a number of Pachmarhi hotels that offer quality accommodation to tourists. These Pachmarhi hotels are mainly budget or economical hotels and offer good and comfortable services to the guests. A few of these hotels include Chunmun Cottages, Nandan Van Cottages, Vanasthali Cottage, glen view and others.

Pachmarhi is also not short of eating joints and offer some great options for enjoying a nice Gujarati, Maharastrian or Jain thali. A very popular region to try out some snacks is the Kolkata Food Center at the Pachmarhi market.

There are also offers several sightseeing attractions in Pachmarhi that enjoy the patronage of tourists and are a must visit sites in pachmarhi. A few of these attractions include Forsyth Point, Jamuna Prapat, Handi Khoh, Apsara Vihar, Rajat Prapat, Irene Pool, Jalawataran, Sunder Kund, Mahadeo, chota Mahadeo, Chauragarh, Dhoopgarh, Pandav Caves and many more.

Pachmarhi is also renowned for its local honey so doesn’t forget to include it in your shopping adventures, thus offering a complete tourist package; Pachmarhi acts as a dream vacation without the chaos and tourist traps of regular tourists destinations.

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