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Famously recognized as the “land of latex, correspondence and lakes”, Kottayam is one of the most beautiful backwater locations of Kerala. Providing enjoyable and relaxing backwaters, the town guarantees the guests an awesome encounter. It features the remains of castles and mansions and is surrounded with green plants all around. The town loves gloomy hills & magnificent rich waters, which can mesmerize even the most hard-headed person. Being a major Spiritual middle of Kerala, Kottayam loves the maximum knowledge rates in the nation. It is also a popular trading middle where you can find several small and big businesses. delivers excellent vacation offers for you to understand more about this wonderful location of Native indian. Discover various attractions of Kottayam that are substantially specific below.

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Placed at the heart of the town, it is a popular forehead devoted to Master Shiva. The structure of this forehead is designed in conventional Kerala style of wats or temples which includes internal artwork illustrating styles of several Hindu epics. It was designed in the beginning of the Sixteenth millennium by Raja of Thekkumkur.

Kumaranalloor Devi Temple

Located near banks of Meenachil Stream, Kumaranalloor Devi Temple is a popular social culture of the town. It provides a sreekovil that is magnificently shown with Painting Paintings. It draws lot of pilgrims from everywhere.


Situated close to the St. Mary’s Church, Bharananganam is a popular pilgrimage middle for the Christian believers. The best spot is open for guests from every religious perception. One can encounter a different psychological serenity over here.


Built in the season 1579, this church is one of the earliest chapels that have managed its conventional appeal in complete unique state. Devoted to St. Margaret, this church has seen an comprehensive recovery that performed until 1993. The façade of this church is Western whereas various other part of it look like to an indian temple.


It is also a popular Spiritual middle of the area which includes the popular St. Joseph’s monastery. At Mannanam, one of the earliest publishing clicks of indian was recognized. Few of Kerala’s earliest magazines were printed over

Valiyapalli Church

Built in the season of 1550, Valiyapalli Church is one of the biggest chapels of Kottayam.  It was intended for the Knanaya Traditional Syrians and is well-known for its historical Local Combination that connected to the 8th millennium and also for the Pahalavi writing on the cross.

Parel Syro-Malabar Catholic Church

Also popular as Valiyapally, it is a popular cathedral and a well-known Marian pilgrimage hub in Kerala. The first church at location was designed around 1177 over a area contributed by a Hindu Master. The cathedral is designed with designs of historical Hindu wats or temples.

Apart from touring, the town also gives you an awesome shopping encounter by assisting you to purchase different wonderful handmade items items. More than everything, backwaters make this town take a position apart. In the enjoyable qualifications of location, you can feel the inner serenity and have a refreshing encounter for a life-time.

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