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Jharkhand is an Indian state lying in the eastern regions of the country. The state shares its boundaries with Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Jharkhand has always not been an independent state. It was part of the state of Bihar. On 15th November 2000 the state was carved out of Bihar and henceforth has been an independent state. Jharkhand is known as the land of forests and the state is replete with natural greenery and wild life. Visitors will also find countless waterfalls to visit and treat their aesthetic side. Among the countless places to visit in Jharkhand here are a few which stand out and will surely make your visit a pleasurable one.


Ranchi is the capital city of the state of Jharkhand. It is a beautiful hill station with an amazing natural cover that will captivate any visitor looking for peace in nature’s arms. The district of Ranchi is filled with waterfalls which make a mesmerizing sight for sore eyes. Ranchi is also replete with minerals and is known as the Manchester of the East. The district is located on a plateau and in addition to beautiful waterfalls there are a number of beautiful hills where you will be able appreciate the alluring property of nature. Among many attractive destinations there are a few which you should visit. The Tagore hill which is located around 3km from the city is a great historical place. Rabindranath Tagore wrote many of his works on top of this hill. The Hundru and the Dasham falls located around 28 and 40 km respectively from the city epitomize the fact that Ranchi is a land of beautiful waterfalls. There are many other attractive destinations such as Jonha falls, Panch Gagh falls, Ranchi Lake, Ranchi hills, Jagannath Temple and Birsa Zoological Park.


Home of Tata Steel and planned by the late Jamshedji Tata, Jamshedpur has grown to be one of the most industry friendly cities in the country. Beautifully planned and covered with many green parks and lakes the city provides the perfect spot for tourists looking to visit adjoining areas. There are many places to visit in and around Jamshedpur like the beautiful jubilee Park spread over 225 acres with lush green spread and colourful flower beds, the Dimna lake situated around 13 kms from Jamshedpur lies at the foot of the Dimna hills and serves the purpose of a great natural and scenic spot, the Dalma wildlife sanctuary offers another dimension to the attraction of the city, many wild animals inhabit this place and visitors are in for a treat if they love wild animals. There are other sites as well such as the Hudco Lake, Tata steel zoological park and the Jubilee amusement park in the city.


Deogarh Mahal

Deogarh is a very popular pilgrimage site for followers of Hinduism. There are many temples in the city of great historical and religious significance. These temples are situated among beautiful scenic locations and regardless of your faith you will enjoy the nature that this destination has to offer. The most famous temples in Deogarh are Baba Baidyanath Temple, Noulakha temple, Tapovan, Rikhia Dham and the Trikuti hill which has three main peaks and a Shiva temple.



Hazaribagh means a land of a thousand gardens and the name is aptly given because of the beautiful scenic surrounding it has. It is situated at a height of 2019 feet from sea level and has great cover dense forests and green trees. The best attractions of this place are the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary which is a treat for nature and animal lovers. Then there is the Canary hill which is located near the town and has three lakes, a park and a watch tower for view of the surroundings. The Telaiya dam is another destination which allows you to observe the scenery as well as marvel at the hydro-electric project. Finally visitors can go to Surajkund which has many hot water fountains to offer.


Dhanbad is a city in Jharkhand which is among the fastest growing city in the country and has the richest coal fields in the country. The place is also covered in dense forests like other areas of Jharkhand. The best tourist destinations in Dhanbad are Maithon dam, Kalyaneshwari temple, Panchet dam and Topchanchi Lake.


Bokaro is known as the steel city of India. The city is rich in natural resources and hence has become a leading industrial hub. But it’s not only industries in and around Bokaro as there are many things to see and many places to visit for a tourist in Bokaro. The top tourist destinations are Bokaro steel city, Gargah dam, Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park, Jagannath temple and many more places.


Girdih is a nature lover’s paradise. It is known as the land of hills with beautiful hills surrounding the whole district. Among the hills are dense forests and green covers which will make any visitor appreciating its beauty? Among the top destinations for tourists are the Parasnath hill which the highest mountain south of the Himalayas, the Usri falls, Madhuvan and Khandoli.


One of the most beautiful and scenic places in Jharkhand, Netarhat is a hill station and also one of the coolest places in Jharkhand. Its scenic beauty and serene surroundings will make for a peaceful get away. The best places to visit are Netarhat hills, Sadni falls, Ghagri falls and Magnolia sunset point.


This place is rich in history and history lovers will find old sites which have been excavated and discovered. It also has a dense cover of forests and much like other parts of Jharkhand it is a great sight to see. The top destinations here are Palamu wildlife sanctuary, lodh falls and the Palamu fort.


It is a land of many waterfalls like Bichkiliya, Duari, Khaya Banaroo, Keridah, Maloodah, Dumer Sumer, Goa, Barura Sharif, Gogri etc. Other sites to visit are the Kunda cave, Kolhua hill and Tamasin.

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