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Top Popular Boat Tournaments In Kerala

Kerala – this tourist hotspot in indian, is an wonderful land located in The southern part of india, where martial activities, Kathakali and boat races still concept the travel and leisure blanket! Boat rushing is a highly sought after aquatic activities performed during the monsoon season in some of the primary ponds and backwaters in Kerala. Boat races are along the same lines of the rich traditional magnificence of Kerala.We list here 4 of the most common boat races in Kerala.

Famous Boat Tournaments In Kerala

History behind the Amazing Boat Races
Famous Boat Races In Kerala

There are many types of boat races performed out every season in Kerala backwaters; each one has its own tale of source with a lot of famous stories and myth connected. According to traditional resources, boat races started as a means to negotiate various conflicts between the erstwhile leaders and chieftains. Boat races have been an natural aspect of forehead celebrations organized by spiritual areas.

The Kerala reptile boat races have been existing since four century, they were used for battling conflicts in h2o by the historical Kuttanadu Kings. The boat races are famously called reptile boat races due to the unusual kayak shape of the boat. Different types of the boat races take position in different areas of Kerala.

Here are the best 4 boat races in Kerala, you should not skip.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Famous Boat Races In Kerala

This competition is full of enjoyment and enjoyment. It is mainly organized in memory of Jawaharlal Nehru (First indian Prime Minister). The competition draws large amount of tourist audience and is a fully commercial event. Viewers need to buy passes to view the competition from close points on shabby bamboo bedding patios. General appears cost less, whereas VIP stand passes are very pricey.

  • Venue and Timing– The Nehru Award is a monsoon satisfaction and is organized on the second week of Aug at the Punnamda Pond in Alleppey.
  • The time frame for Nehru Award Boat Race 2015 is 8th Aug 2015.
  • The time frame for Nehru Award Boat Race 2016 is Thirteenth Aug 2016.

Champakkulam Moolam (Snake) Boat Race

Famous Boat Races In Kerala

This reptile boat competition is organized to indicate the pious day when the Krishna idol was installed in the Shree Krishna Temple of Ambalappuzha area. Before the competition begins, the stream is designed by vibrant vessels that are wearing pretty parasols containing categories of executing performers who display their skills in honor of the Krishna idol and the boat races. Held during rain, this is recognized as one of the earliest and best boat races in Kerala.

Venue and Timing– The competition begins every season at the famous Champakkulam Lake, which is at a range of 25 km. from the town of Alleppey. It is organized in the 30 days of This summer or This summer.
The time frame for Champakullam Boat Race 2016 is Twentieth This summer 2016.
Aranmula Vallamkali Boat Race

Aranmula Vallamkali Boat Race

Famous Boat Races In Kerala

One of the earliest boat competition events; the Aranmula boat competition is a two day event organized during the highly sought after Onam event in Kerala. As many as 26 Palliyodam vessels elegance the rich waters, such as the huge effigy of Master Krishna and children wearing elegant outfits. The reptile vessels are designed in vibrant soft silk fabrics and parasols to indicate the extraordinary event. Guests appear from all sides of the Condition to observe this super boat competition. This competition also draws nationwide as well as worldwide visitors.

  • Venue and Timing– This competition occurs in the 30 days of Aug or Sept on the sacred Pampa Stream located at Aranmula area.
  • The time frame for Aranmula Boat Race 2015 is 31th Aug 2015.
  • The time frame for Aranmula Boat Race 2016 is Eighteenth Sept 2016.

Payippad Boat Race (Jalotsavom)

Famous Boat Races In Kerala

This special boat competition occurs to inaugurate the Prathista wedding or the setup of the idol of Master Subramanya at Haripad Subramanya Temple. According to famous information, the idol of Master Subramanya was found at another river and was taken to Haripad on a ship. The three day boat competition event is organized during the event of Onam. The very difficult reptile boat competition begins on the third day of the event. Crowd of enthusiasts come from all areas of Kerala to join in the celebrations and watch the exciting competition.

  • Venue and Timing– The competition occurs in the 30 days of Sept on the Payippad Pond, at a range of 35 km. from the Alleppey town.
  • The time frame for Payippad Boat Race 2015 is 31th Aug 2015.
  • The time frame for Payippad Boat Race 2016 is Sixteenth Sept 2016.

Other exciting boat races in Kerala consist of Karuvattu boat competition, Neerattu-puram boat competition, Thiruvalla Pampa boat competition, Kumarakom boat competition and Mannar boat competition to name a few.

How to Achieve the Boat Race Venues?

Tourists have to achieve Alleppey town, as most of the fascinating action occurs in and around the town limitations. The closest air is via Kochi International airport, at a range 85 km. from Alleppey. The town can also be achieved via train path (Alleppey Train Station) or traveling in Condition (KSRTC) vehicles and private cabs.

Stay and Housing Features in Alleppey

Famous Boat Races In Kerala

There are numerous well-known high-class hotels and hotels within the town for worldwide visitors. Holiday visitors can also enjoy their Kerala remain in houseboats and take satisfaction in unforgettable vacation trips. Some top class options consist of include Malayalam Pond Hotel, Hand Grove Pond Hotel, Punnamada (backwater) Hotel and Pond Structure Hotel to name a few.

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