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The most unusual things you can do on your next visit to Delhi

Delhi is a city dotted with various sights and things to do, however the same usual thing is repetitively suggested to any other person looking for answers on the things to do in Delhi. Almost all the online web searches returns back with the same answer. This article talks about some of the unusual things you can do in the city on your next visit.

So you are doing your research for another visit to New Delhi, but why go about the same places to visit and things to do all over again? It would makes sense if you have missed out on some locations and must-do things, but why waste your time going about it all over again? There is so much to do and so much to see in Delhi that even for a person who has lived in the city for many years still find something new about the city every now and then. If you are planning to visit the city for a brief stint, make sure you time your visit perfectly. For instance, say you are flying in from Hyderabad, the most crucial thing you need to know are the Hyderabad to Delhi flights timings. Choose a morning flight for that you can begin with your tour on the same day itself.

Your time of travel is also as crucial to go along with the plan. The best time to visit will be during the months between September-November and January-March. If you time your visit during these time, then you can explore a great deal of the city by walking or taking a cycle-rickshaw. These two are the best ways to explore places like old Delhi as some roads are too small and narrow for auto cars to pass by. Even when there is a road, the horde of people walking up and down makes it impossible for a drive. Walking gives you the advantage to get a detailed and close up view.


You can dig into the folkish part of the city. You can ask around some locals and do some research and go visit the various artists ranging from ventriloquists, puppeteers, singers (folk), magicians, acrobats and jugglers, all the elements that make up a brilliant show-stopping circus. If you visit a slum called Kathputli Colony in West Delhi, you will find a colony where there lives almost 800 of such artists. Take some time out and pay a visit. Also, keep a tab on Pragati Maidan. This place is the centre where all the cultural and traditional events are held. On other days, you can simply visit it to check out the crafts museum inside the complex of Pragati Maidan. There museum exhibits over a staggering 20,000 handicrafts from all over the country. Often, all India cultural fests or regional cultural fests, are held here where states and districts get a stall each in their name where they can exhibit and sell various handicrafts or even food items.

If your thirst for unusual things to do in Delhi, is still not quenched, head over to Khari Baoli Road. Located at the end very end of Chandni Chowk market, is the biggest spice market in the whole of Asia and probably the biggest market in the whole world. You will be greeted with the most aromatic scent ever as you enter the market and you can buy some of the finest spices at a cheap rate and gift your mother while you go back.

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