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Konark famous for its Sun Temple

Sun Temple, situated in Konark, has become the most widely known attraction that’s there in Orissa. The temple was build by King Narasimhadeo within the 13th century. Sun Temple can also be known as ‘Black Pagoda’ because it is build of black granite. The temple focused on Sun God was build like a chariot to him with wheels on every side of the temple. It’s one from the earliest places where Sun God was worshiped. Although few parts of the temple have reached ruins, but nonetheless the aura and also the elegance from the temple is retained. Konark used to be an active port and several ships came and went. To Europeans, it served like a landmark who started calling the temple Black Pagoda. Sun Temple is recognized as a marvel among other temples and it has been the inspiration for a lot of writers and poets. Numerous books and articles associated with its background and architecture happen to be written. Exploring the temple. Rabindranath Tagore, once said, “Here the word what of stone surpasses the word what of man”.

Good reputation for Sun Temple
It is stated that Sun Temple is made about the place where Samba, the son of Lord Krishna worshiped Sun God for liberation from the curse put upon him by his father. Legend has it that Samba was arrogant about his beauty and when made fun of the great sage Narada. Sage Narada planned to consider revenge. He once lured Samba aside from the lake where his step mothers were taking bath. Lord Krishna found are conscious of this unacceptable act by his son. Infuriated, he cursed his son with Leprosy. When Lord Krishna remarked that his son was tricked by Sage Narada, he asked Samba to worship Sun God, who’s the healer of diseases. Samba Worshiped Lord Surya about the sea coast. He spent 12 many years of penance worshiping Sun God. After long, Surya God appeared and asked Samba to consider a holy dip in Konark. The moment he was relieved of Leprosy, he planned to built a temple focused on Sun God in the exact same place where he appeared.

Architecture of Sun Temple
Few parts of the temple have reached ruins, but nonetheless major portions continue to be intact. The temple is definitely an unparalleled illustration of medieval temple architecture. Sun Temple is really a type of Vahana (vehicle) style because it is the same shape as a chariot. There are lots of such temples in India, however none compare towards the magnificence of Sun Temple. The primary temple structure stands on the platform. You will find 12 wheels carved about the two sides from the platform. Each wheels is much more than 10 ft . tall. The spokes from the wheels are sundials predicting the precise duration of your day. Just stand under one from the wheels and have the grandness of these. To accomplish the chariot, you will find structures of seven galloping horses in the entrance from the temple. These seven life size horses really are a major attraction from the temple. When you are near to the walls from the temple, spot the intricate carvings which have been done about the walls. You will find images of God and Goddesses, men, women, warriors and scenes everyday life. It is stated the temple wasn’t build the way it was envisioned. However, many state that it had been build precisely the way it had been planned. The magnetic dome was taken off the very best because it was causing many ships to crash round the shores. It’s saved in the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) museum for display.

Additional information
Sun Temple in Konark is near to both Bhubaneswar (64 Km) and Puri (35 Km). Therefore it constitutes a reach towards the temple by any mode of transportation. Closest airport reaches Bhubaneswar whereas nearest railhead is within Puri. So if you’re visiting Konark around December, remember to become a spectator in the electrifying Konark Dance Festival which showcases all Indian classical dances like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi and much more. They’re performed by dancers who’ve earned great appreciation for his or her work from all over the world. You are able to visit Konark whenever of the season, because it includes a favorable climate through the Year.Sun Temple is one of the very celebrated temples in India. It’s been the pride of Orissa because the day it had been constructed. Regarded as a marvel in temple architecture, Sun Temple is easily the most stunning structure about the shores of Orissa
Tourist Places in Konark

An architectural wonder dedicated to Surya Devata (Sun God) the Sun Temple is one of the most popular tourist places in Konark. The Sun temple is designed like a Chariot with 24 wheels with excellent carving each having a diameter of 10 meters, being pulled by seven horses and carrying Sun God. The Sun Temple also known as the Black Pagoda was built by King Narashima Deva in the year 1278 and has an idol of Jagmohana which is a display of the remarkable architecture of ancient times.
The other places to visit in and around Konark include the sea beach, museum, the temple of Ramchandi, the Vishnu Temple, Astaranga, Konark Matha, Belesore, Pipli, Balighai, Kakatapur, Puri, Bhubneshwar, Kuruma and Chaurasi.

Accommodation in Konark

A variety of accommodation is available in Konark right from lodges to resorts. These hotels provide comfortable stay, impeccable service in addition to excellent food to the guests. One could even find accommodation in Bhubneshwar or Puri.

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