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Smaller Known Historical monuments Of Delhi

Delhi is one of the most essential places of India. With a wealthy pathway of record behind it, it is not a shock that Delhi is house to a lot of components from the earliest of periods. The Humayun’s Severe mesmerizes with all its magnificence and Qutub Minar still appears high in all its wonder. But not many know that there are more secrets that are not so known. Create a trip to these neglected monuments to get nearer to the city’s history.

Smaller Known Historical monuments Of Delhi


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

One of the earliest monuments in Delhi is FerozShah Kotla,was designed by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354. It is situated near Bahadur Shah Safar Marg between New Delhi and Old Delhi. Most of the citadel is in the remains,but still there are few components that handled to endure like Jama Masjid, the Baoli (stepwell) and the Ashokan Principal. It is a perception that Djinns reside in these remains. Every Friday individuals go there to wish and create characters to these Djinns, with the wish that their desires will come real. It is a three-storey developing which was created to back up the Ashokan pillar. The surfaces of this citadel were previously protected with excellent limestone plaster which was designed by designs, artwork and gemstones. Guests, intruders like Timur and researchers have described the citadel very magnificently in their documents.

How to achieve there-Pragati Maidan is the closest town position.There is another town position arriving at ITO which will be the closest once it becomes functional.


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

This mosque is situated right next to Qutub Minar in Mehrauli, Southern Delhi. These are two monuments besides each other, one is the mosque and the other is the tomb of two individuals known as JAMALI and KAMALI. It was finished in the season 1529 and known as “Jamali Kamali” because these two individuals were hidden next to each other. Jamali, pseudonym for Sheik Hamid Bin Fazlu’llah, was a Sufi st. popular for his poems. However, Kamali was a absolutely unidentified individual who was associated with Jamali. An internal lawn homes the mosque. Wonderful passages from the Quran are engraved on the surfaces of the mosque. And the tomb,which is close to the mosque, is a smooth framework designed with red and red colour, identities from Quran and passages from Jamali’s poems.

How to achieve there- Nearest town position is Qutub Minar .


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

Chorminar –the framework of beheading, is situated in Haus Khas and was designed in Thirteenth millennium by the leader Alauddin khilji. There are around 225 gaps in the walls of this framework. Tale has it that the leads of the Mongols that were captured during Khilji’s rule were kept in these gaps for community show.The framework is surrounded by a recreation area where individuals invest a while in the nights.

How to achieve there- Nearest town position is Haus Khas


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

Inside this tomb can be found Akbar’s promote brother(Adham Khan) and his wet health professional (Adham Khan’s mother- Maham Anga). It is situated in Mehrauli and was designed in the season 1561 by the emperor Mohd. Jalaluddin Akbar. This position is also known as Bhool Bhulaiyya (labyrinth).It is an octagonal in shape formed tomb, designed in Lodi design, with a area around the main dome. The main area contains the grave of Adham Khan.

How to achieve there- It is near Mehrauli bus store. Nnearest town position is ‘QutubMinar’.


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

Dargah of Qutb-ud-din Bakhtiyar Kaki(Qutb Sahib) is situated in Mehrauli near Gandak ki Baoli , about 400 meters from Adham Khan’s tomb. Qutb Sahib was the disciple of Khwaja Mu’inu’d Din Chishti of Ajmer. The perception is that if a pilgrim creates a wish and connections a line near the grave then his desires will be satisfied, if the pilgrim truly considers in the st.. This dargah contains the grave of Qutb Sahib who passed away in 1236. Burial plots of some excellent Mughal emperors like Bahadur Shah I, Shah Alam II and Akbar II are also within the property of this Dargah.

How to achieve there-nearest town position is Central secretariat town place.


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

Satpula, situated around 800 meters eastern of Khirki Masjid , is the linking weblink between four significant ancient places of Delhi –Qila Rai Pithora, Jahanpanah, Tughlaqabad and Siri. It was a rain water growing dam, designed in 1343 by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. It includes a rock dam and seven wood created opportunities.It was a traditional h2o growing dam and was also the defending walls of the town. The h2o from the dam was used for watering.

How to achieve there- the closest town position is Malviya Nagar.


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

The tomb of Razia sultan is situated near Turkman checkpoint in Old Delhi within the Bulbul-i-Khan area. She was the first lady who ascended the throne of Delhi. Her tomb includes four surfaces without the ceiling, in the center on a brought up system are the graves of Razia and her sis Shazia.

How to achieve there-nearest town position is Chawri Bazar Metro Station.


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

The Old Delhi’s border walls had 14 gateways and Turkman checkpoint is one of those gateways that stay through through the decades. This checkpoint was known as after the sufi st. Hazrat Shah Turkman Bayabani and it represents the border of Old Delhi and New Delhi. This checkpoint experienced the slaughter of 1976 during the interval of Nationwide urgent.

How to reach there- nearest metro station is Chawri Bazaar metro station.


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

Bijri Khan’s tomb, situated at R K Puram, Industry III, was designed during the Lodhi interval (15th century). Bijri khan was a leaders during Lodhi empire and his tomb is an example of Lodhi design structure with a rectangle formed framework, three curved entryways and its organization on a brought up system. Not much else is known about the large framework, but the neglected tomb is definitely value a check out.

How to reach there- Nearest metro station is Green Park metro station.


Lesser Known Monuments Of Delhi

Ghalib ki haveli is generally the house of the Nineteenth millennium Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib. He was one of the most significant romantics of the English Indian and was mainly popular for his Ghazals (poems). The haveli  shows Ghalib’s individual valuables like his hand-written Ghazals ,books, picture of his last periods and it also homes Ghalib’s sculpture with a shisha in side. Every season Ghalib’s birthday(27th December) is recognized by his lovers by walking towards his haveli with illuminated candle lights.

How to reach there- nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk metro station.

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