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Pachmarhi: the best summer retreat near Bhopal to beat the heat

The real beauty of Pachmarhi is fetched by its dense forests made of sal trees and the lush greenery. It is popularly known as ‘queen of Satpura’.  If you feel that summer is mercilessly roasting you up, this is one best place in the vicinity of Bhopal, you should pay a visit. We suggest you to choose one among the best luxury hotels in Bhopal to stay in as this city has the best connectivity to this location. Here under, we recommend you a few places here, worth visiting.

Rajat Prapat and Jamuna Prapat:

Start your sightseeing in Pachmarhi by visiting the Rajat Prapat waterfalls..? You might be wondering if there is significance behind its name. If it is so, you are absolutely correct. It is ranked 30 among the highest waterfalls of the country. The waterfall has the shape of a horse tail and as sunlight hits it, it shines brightly like silver. The mystery behind its name is just that simple!

We don’t want you to keep watching the waterfalls all the day. Get prepared for some trekking through the base of Rajat Prapat. However, make sure to take the help of a guide while you do so.  It’s difficult to track the area in these thick bushes. As a part of your trekking, never miss out the prehistoric cave paintings, which are estimated to be as old as 10,000 years.

When you reach out to the other side of the Rajat Prapat, Jamuna Prapat welcomes you warmly. There are about 100 steps constructed here, which can take one to the base of this waterfall. The bathing pools present right above this waterfall are quite popular.

Apsara Vihar:

This fairy pool is absolutely perfect for family picnic spots. There is a saying that English ladies used to bath in this pool to create an impression of fairies to the local residents. A short walk of two kilometers through the forest crossing Rajat Prapat brings you to this pool. This trek, which includes minor ascends and descends isn’t a tough task to do. Dhoopgarh, being the highest point in the Satpura ranges, offers a magnificent view of the surrounding ranges and valleys. It is one of the best spots to witness sunrise and sunset.

Pandav Caves:

Pandav Caves are the cluster of five ancient dwellings, which were discovered in the excavations carried out at this place. These caves are situated just at the mouth of the Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary. The name “Pachmarhi” holds a mythological significance. There is a saying that the Pandavas once resided in these caves. Chauragarh is one of the highest peaks of Pachmarhi. The temple of Lord Shiva located on top of this peak is one of the major tourists’ attractions. It takes about two hours of climbing to reach the top of this second largest peak of Pachmarhi. The view you witness from this point is absolutely spellbinding.

With an unexpected increase in commercialization of Indian hill stations, there are only a few spots available in India, whose beauty is untouched. Pachmarhi is one among them. Don’t just keep waiting! Start your trip preparations by booking your accommodation in the best Bhopal resorts.

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