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Car Rental in Morocco: Why You Should Consider The Local Companies?

Morocco is a beautiful country that attracts many travel enthusiasts, adventurers, sun and nature lovers, but also businesswomen and businessmen thanks to its great potential for development.

If you are one of these people or if you simply want to go to Morocco, you’ve surely thought of renting a car because it’s the best way that will give you more freedom to move. You have searched the internet and you read a little here and there that it is better to book your vehicle at a multinational car hire company to avoid any surprises. At the same time, you have noticed the big difference between the prices displayed by these big companies and those of local rental companies and you do not want to waste your money. It is for this purpose that I wrote this little post, listing some tips for a cheaper price while enjoying quality service.

  • The first reflex to have is to book the car in advance, especially in the high season of summer or in the middle of spring. Otherwise, you may not find the car you want or not find at all. You could find yourself in a situation where you would accept any car offered to you, sometimes without air conditioning at 35 ° and with a higher price.

  • Try searching for a “big” local society. There are many rental companies that have 5 to 10 cars and who may be new to the profession. It’s with this kind of companies that you’re most likely to have problems.

  • Find a car rental company that provides confirmation of booking by online payment. Some require you to pay the entire rent, other will ask for an advance. In all case, it ensures two things: Firstly, you’ll know that the company already has logistical and software infrastructure and they are not beginners. Secondly, it assures you that you will get your car at your arrival because if there is no confirmation of an advance payment, the renter can always rent the car if the opportunity arises, considering that there is no guarantee that you would come.

  • Favour rental companies that have multiple branches and beware of virtual agencies. A company that has several agencies is surely a well-organized society and is quite old. On the owner’s website, ensure that each agency has an address, a phone number, a fax and a different email. Some companies are trying to give confidence to the user by presenting a list of agencies on their web page, but actually, they only deliver cars in these areas without having a permanent agency. A company that is active in different cities would give you the possibility to rent a car in Marrakech and drop it off in Tangier at least cost. Moreover, it ensures there will always be staff at a safe distance in case of breakdown or any other problem.

  • Most Moroccan car rental companies give you the vehicle with a nearly empty tank. Do not be surprised, it must be returned empty, but what to check is if they offer unlimited mileage option or fix a threshold after which you’ll have to pay.

  • Read the terms and conditions, particularly the clauses relating franchises and franchise buybacks and avoid any company that has ambiguous terms or none at all at the time of booking.

To summarize, there aren’t only large multinationals to rent a car in Morocco. Do not rent from unknown companies either. The best option is always to find a balance.

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