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Witness the Diversity of Culture by Visiting Tripura Attractions

Tripura was earlier known as the “Tripuri kingdom“, which was a princely state. The state is home to 19 tribes, and it is a very pollution free and eco-friendly state.
About Tripura
Tripura is a northeastern state located in India. Languages widely spoken in the state are Bengali and Kokborok, and its capital city is Agartala. The state covers an area of 10,490 sq. km. It was known as “Hill Tippera” under the British Raj, and this is also the third smallest city in India.
Where is Tripura
The state is bound by Bangladesh towards the north, south and west; it is also bordered by Assam and Mizoram towards its east. The tribal culture of Tripura is dotted throughout the history of India and was referred as ‘Kirat Desh’ during the ancient age. The state attained statehood on 21 January 1972
Tripura is a popular state of North East of India. A visit to Tripura enables you to witness the cultural diversity of the state. The rich cultural properties of the state have blessed it with some of the enchanting tourist attractions. Rich flora and fauna, museums & palaces make it a must visit tourist destination for vacationers.

Let us learn about some of the most popular tourist attractions in Tripura:

Ujjayanta Palace

Located in the capital city Agartala, this royal palace is the highlight of Tripura Tourism. Built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya, it is a two-storied mansion, which has the three domes. Embellished with fountains, gardens and pools, the palace simply fascinates you. The splendid tile floor curved wooden ceiling and exquisitely crafted doors make it worth to visit. Set with huge Mughal style gardens, this structure looks more beautiful when illuminated with flood lighting.

Kamalasagar Lake

Kamalasagar Lake
This is one of the popular religious sites of Tripura which is visited by large number of pilgrims from across the globe. It is the 16th century Kali Temple situated on the edge of the lake Kamalasagar. The religious fervour and scenic location of this temple calls on large number of tourists as well as pilgrims from several parts of the globe. During the month of April and August a massive fair is held around the temple premises which bring large number of visitors and devotees.

This is among the well-known monasteries of the North-eastern India where large number of Buddhist practitioners and followers come to offer their prayer. It is the place where Buddhist monks and nuns live, study and practice their religion. The monastery has rich collection of scriptures, texts and biographies of great Lamas which give great insight of Buddhist religion to tourists during their visit.

Jampui Hill
It is famous for its charming landscape. This place is situated at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level. Scores of tourists visit this place to see green forests, beautiful orange garden and soul stimulating sun rise. This hill has 11 villages which are inhabited by various tribes that gives tourists an opportunity to see preserved life and tradition of tribal people.

Neermahal Water Palace

Built on Rudra Sagar Lake, this water palace is a royal palace. With the influence of Hindu and Mughal architecture, this palace tops the list of Tripura Attractions. The beautiful castles, the bridges and the moats are wonderful. There are two parts of the palaces. One is on Western side, known as the “Andar Mahal”, which is the abode of the royal family. On Eastern side, the other one lies for security professionals and servants. Light and Sound show enhances the charm of the palace. An open stage theater and the flood lighting enhance the charm of the palace.

Tripura Government Museum

Established in 1970, the Tripura Government Museum is a place that you can visit on your Tripura attraction tour. It houses the rare stone images, historic old coins and different archaeological articles. These archaeological items have been excavated in the state and nearby areas. There is also an interesting section, dedicated to the diverse culture of the state. It showcases the history, traditions and beliefs followed by tribes as well as erstwhile rules. The unique artefacts that it houses are a great evidence of the glorious history of the place.

Other Attractions
The state has no dearth of tourist attractions. You can choose from a variety of Tripura travel packages according to your preferences. For spirituality seekers, it has many famous temples like Tripura Sundari Temple, Jagannath Temple, Fourteen Goddess Temple, Chaturdas Temple and Laxmi Narayan Mandir. Nature admirers can visit the Gomati Wildlife Sanctuary, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary and the Jampui Hills at Kanchanpur, which are popular attractions in Tripura.
Sites of archeological importance in the state are Debtamura, Boxnagar Pilak, Gunabati group of temples and theUnakoti. Adventure lovers can go for water sports in Neermahal, Kamalsagar, and the Dumboor Lake. Eco tourists can visit the Baramura Eco Park, Kalapania Eco Park, Tepania Eco Park and Khumlwng Eco Park.

Getting There
The main railway stations in the state are Agartala, Dharmnagar and Kumarghat. The Agartala Airport has flights to many Indian cities, including Silchar, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata. Tourists have to travel to neighboring states like Guwahati and Silchar by road, which takes 25 hours and 12 hours from the Tripura, respectively. Adventure lovers can go for water sports in Neermahal, Kamalsagar, and the Dumboor Lake.

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