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Visiting the shopping hotspots of Mussoorie

If you’re looking to spend a peaceful weekend in the serene valleys of Mussoorie, adding a little retail therapy would work wonders to bring calm to your senses. The small hill station of Mussoorie is dotted with several little shops, which would be perfect to bring little bric-a-brac reminding you of the amazing time spent.

Let’s take a look at these fantastic shopping hotspots which can be reached using a Dehradun to Mussoorie taxi service.

Himalayan Weavers – This is a small trading company established about ten years ago located a little on the outskirts of the hill station. The retail outlet aims at promoting the use of environment friendly items manufactured locally. Some of the best items to look for in the store included, hand woven clothes like shawls, scarves, towels, caps and gloves. Himalayan wool, eri silk and pashmina are some of the exotic textiles that you can find in these regions and it’d truly memorable if you take a specimen back home. The majority of the items found in the store are of supreme quality and along with hand spun items, do take a look at the decor and handicrafts sections as well. There are several affordable Dehradun to Mussoorie taxi service providers which will help you to reach the spot.

Classic Emporium – This shop have been around the area for more than 40 years now. Classic Emporium has established itself successfully as a landmark in the hill station, though starting out as a small manufacturing unit making wooden walking sticks. It is known for selling a wide range of handicraft items, from handmade jewellery to items of home decor. Probably you can find all sorts of decorative items made from porcelain, wood, cloth, brass and other metals, in the shop. As the name suggests, you can also find ample of antique items in the store. If planning for offering a souvenir or a gift to someone, you can easily find a box full of traditional jewellery, sculptures or even Tibetan lampshades.

Prakash store – This famous store located at the Sister’s bazaar of Mussoorie finds it mention in the Ruskin Bond novels. Since the writer’s from the hill station, several of his novels have mentioned the store. Prakash store is relatively an older shop and is famous for its amazing assortments of jams, peanut butter, cottage cheese, candies and more. Such is the popularity of the store, that you can find people from the Doon valley driving up to buy their stock. Apart from the regular customers the shop caters to the Woodstock School, which has a large population of international students.

Tibetan Market – Strolling down the Mall Road of the hill station, the Tibetan Market is a brilliant place to look for cheap clothes, electronic items, home decor products, wall hangings and other small oriental knick knacks. At first glance the store looks like a heaven for handicrafts, all crammed together into a small space and is indeed one of the best places to visit around Mussoorie.

 Of all the shopping hubs in the city, this is where you need to put all your bargaining skills to use.

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