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Craving for a long drive? Try these routes from Mumbai

Are you stuck in the busy lifestyle of Mumbai and want to escape for some hours? If you said yes, then cheer up as there are many routes near Mumbai where you can go for a long drive. Not only these drives will offer you breathtaking views but also the thrills people seek out regularly. It can be easily said that best way to explore Mumbai and places near it is by going on drives that just leaves you speechless. Just book your tickets on the Lucknow to Mumbai flights and come here to explore the city at its best. Here are some of the best routes where you can go for a long drive.

  1. Mumbai to Lonavala: Whether you’re from Mumbai or heading off to the city for quite a while, your stay here would be inadequate without a road trip to Lonavala. Get set for a quick getaway in case you don’t have a good amount of time gazing you in the face through the Mumbai-Pune highway to Lonavala. In the event that you’re on a motorbike, take the old Mumbai-Pune highway course. Tiger Point is the spot you ought to stop for a round of corn pakodas and chai on your way to deal with Lonavala. The astounding points of view of the Sahyadris are just mind blowing!
  1. Mumbai to Goa: Bollywood has done what’s expected to applaud the road trip from Mumbai to Goa. Starting on the Mumbai-Pune interstate, the 12-hour road trip takes you through coconut palms, paddy fields and the turning lanes along the Western Ghats, which are adequate to fulfill the voyager in you. There are unending sceneries overlooking the sea which give bottomless photo opportunities in travel from Mumbai to Goa. Kolhapur, Satara and Sankeshwar are a couple spots where you can stop for support and loosening up while on your way.
  1. Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar: This road outing to the most important hill station in the Western Ghats is the most terrific one if you use the  Mumbai-Pune expressway. As you close Mahabaleshwar, you’ll drive past beautiful strawberry fields. These fields are in full grow in the midst of the main part of the year, especially from February to April. If you happen to take this road trip in the midst of tempest, you’ll see various of all shapes and sizes streams in travel. It’s a given that once you accomplish Mahabaleshwar, you will be welcomed with dazzling, great waterfalls which wake up post July.
  1. Mumbai to Igatpuri: Incredible views extravagant green vistas, captivating waterfalls, especially in the midst of rainstorm – these are a segment of the things you will keep running over on your drive to Igatpuri. The deluge drops falling on your window will simply make the drive all the all the more invigorating. Igatpuri is a basic day trip from Mumbai and you’ll have enough time to research the genuine attractions here if you are on a road excursion and need to retreat that day. Vipassana International Academy, or Dhammagiri, is the most celebrated one and will add to your revival from city life.
  1. Mumbai to Alibaug: A correspondingly shorter road trip, the ride to this shoreline destination through the Mumbai-Goa turnpike assures to be an exciting one. This trip is exceedingly recommended if you want to got out with your pets as they will love to slacken up at the shoreline as much as you will. A road trip with your adorable fluffy part on board also gives you tremendous measures of unfathomable photo open entryways so keep your camera supportive all through. Remember to get the incredible points of view of Kolaba Fort on your way to deal with Alibaug as well.

These are some of the best options if you want to go on a roadtrip with your friends or partner. However, book your tickets on the Lucknow to Mumbai flights in advance as the peak fares hike during the peak season.

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