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Breathe Nature In Matheran, Experience Horse Riding In Matheran

Matheran it is located in the Raigad District of Maharhastra. Here you actually breathe nature because nature is there all around you and you should also keep in mind the fact that it is one of the coolest hill station situated in that district. It is situated almost 800m above the sea level, and it is also located on the rage of the one of the Ghats and that is the Western Ghats. This very beautiful place called Matheran was hidden from the mankind till 1850, when Mr. Huge Mallet discovered this place. He was a British, and used to work as a Collector in the place called Thane.
Matheran has been declared an eco-sensitive region by the government of Maharashtra, and this could be a perfect reason why tourists are flocking in large numbers to take advantage of pure, fresh air coupled with the view of scenic beauty of a paradise on earth. One can enjoy the beauty of the thick forests and beautiful landscapes on pony backs and mini trains. Misty mountains and valleys, dancing streams, murmuring lakes, gushing waterfalls, rejuvenating sprinkles, lush green mountain stretch, overcast nights, colorful flowers and satin silk grass carpets are some other highlights of the region besides other important places of sightseeing in and around the region.

A Very Different Place.
This place is very different place from all the other tourist spots because it is an eco-sensitive place and it is not just a phrase but such has been declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest of India. And this sensitivity is maintained because vehicles are not allowed here, which makes the place a very peaceful place as well. You are actually taken back to that era when there were no vehicles on the Earth but only nature used to surround you. There are many different points in Matheran which you will love to visit for having a whole view of the town or for witnessing a breath-taking sunset or a sun rise.

Matheran has 38 interesting points and lakes of sightseeing like Mount Berry, Charlotte Lake, Olympia Race Course, Echo Point etc. Trekking and valley crossing are some famous adventure sports in Matheran. Matheran can be visited the whole year round but the peak season is between May and October. Matheran hotels and resorts offer a wide variety of accommodation facilities to its visitors, ranging from budget to luxury.

Add Thrills To Your Life.
If you want to have thrills in your life then you should definitely experience, horse riding in Matheran. Of course you will have to experience it because no vehicles are allowed inside the Matheran and thus from the place called Dasturi Naka you should have the horse of your desire. As soon as you reach Dasturi Naka you will be given a royal as well as a grand welcome in Dasturi Naka by almost 500 trained horses. You could also fetch a horse for transporting your luggage from one place to another. Not only that these horses are also variety colours and of various heights. And the horsemen are not only dedicated to their work but also to the tourists as well.
Hotels in Matheran.

Matheran is abundant in natural beauty full of picturesque streams, murmuring lakes, sprawling landscapes, adventurous trekking points, cavernous valleys, mysterious forests and green mountains. Main attraction of Matheran is exploration of forests. Matheran hotels are a real delight, surrounded by natural beauty. Almost all hotels and resorts are located near the important tourist points for the convenience of the guests. The resorts give view of mystifying forests, lush green mountain peaks, colorful flowers carpeting the landscape, undulating streams and lakes. Some famous luxury Matheran hotels are The Byke and Usha Ascot, Brightlands, Horse lands hotel etc.
A place like Matheran should have large number of hotels and restaurants but such is not the case. There is a mixture of hotels, restaurant, dharamsala and resorts in the pockets of this place. But if you are someone who prefer pure vegetarian or Jain food then you will find restaurants in Matheran there are quite a few number of budget hotels as well in Matheran.

Usha Ascot is the finest 3 star resort famous for its quality and comfort. The Byke is Matheran’s first lodge. It is a heritage building, blended by nature. Brightlands offers elegance with modern charm. Horse lands spa is set among beautiful surroundings. These hotels offer all the modern day facilities besides additional amenities like yoga classes, ponies and bicycles on hire etc where as budget hotels in Matheran offer reasonable amenities in low-priced rates.

Matheran hotels are situated near the tourist points and give an aura of peace and home like environment. Almost all hotels offer package deals for a good bargain. Some hotels offer ‘pick and drop’ facilities from the railway station for the convenience of the guests.

Hotels and resorts in Matheran are well-equipped with state- of- the- art facilities for the convenience of the guests. The hotels are available throughout the year, but to avoid traffic in peak season, advance booking is advisable. Matheran hotels complement comfort and convenience to tourists seeking picturesque view as well as adventure opportunities through its mix of luxury and budget hotels, beguiling one to visit it at least once in a lifetime.

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