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10 River Rafting Destinations in India

One of the few things that attract experience fans is the excitement and thrill of driving through the untamed waterways, gushing down from implausible levels of the great Himalayas. Yes, river rafting has been attractive experience lovers since years, and is one of the most well-known aquatic activities today. Pleasantly, Indian is one of the best locations for rafting; thanks to numerous waterways relaxing in the northern, southern, eastern and western as well. We present to you the top 10 Stream River rafting Locations in Indian that provides you with an excitement hurry and clean off all your worries.

#1. Ladakhrafting in Ladakh
If experience and excitement operates through your blood vessels, river rafting in Ladakh will definitely provide you with an adrenalin hurry. The two waterways in Ladakh – Zanskar and Indus – provides the best rafting encounter with different extremes of rapids that will keep you excited. For beginners, Indus Stream is easy to drive through; for more experts, Zanskar provides a complicated encounter. Engage into implausible attractiveness of Ladakh and actual passion of h2o rafting that guarantees a truly unforgettable encounter of a life-time.

#2. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the best locations for river rafting, value going to during Sept to July. The 16 km expand from Lakshman Jhula to Shivpuri provides Stream Ganga at its best, with different concentration of rapids which range from Quality 1 to Quality 4. It is popular for rapids and whirlpools, and have interesting titles such as Curler Rollercoaster, Come back to Emailer, Golf Course, Dual Trouble, and Three Sightless Rats.Online reservation of river rafting in Rishikesh can be done on

#3. Alaknanda Riverrafting in Alanknanda Rudraprayag
River Alaknanda is the 2nd biggest tributary of Stream Ganga and is well known among rafting fans for its most technological and complicated rapids than anywhere else. The expand between Rudraprayag and Chamoli is the greatest place for river rafting. Be ready to dip in h2o and drive through some of the most complicated and difficult rapids that you have ever experienced in your rafting encounter. Overall, the encounter is value cherishing permanently.

#4. Rafting on Tons River, Uttarakhandrafting in tons river
The biggest tributary of Stream Yamuna, Plenty is one of the best river rafting destinations in Indian. Situated in Garhwal area in Uttarakhand, the stream provides Quality 3 to 5 rapids and is certainly not for beginners. It is one of the most complicated rafting destinations in the nation, but guarantees remembrances of a life-time.

#5. Bhagirathi River RaftingRafting in Bhagirathi
Ride through charming towns, strong gorges and sugar-kissed seashores along 150 km expand of Bhagirathi Stream, one of the most well-known river rafting destinations in Indian. The expand operates down to lower stuff of the stream and has grade 3 and 4 rapids. Popular rapids are The Chute, Hippo Stone, Distinct S, The Walls, and Daniel Dip. The perfect here we are at rafting is between Oct and May.

#6. Kundalika River Rafting, KoladKundalika River Rafting, Kolad
South of the great Himalayas, Kundalika is one of the quickest waterways that creates it a amazing rafting location. Situated in Kolad, Maharashtra, amongst amazing Sahyadris, the 15km expand provides numerous possibilities for a amazing rafting encounter. Rapids here range from Quality 3 to 4. The perfect a chance to go rafting is during monsoon months.

#7. Rafting on River BrahmaputraRafting on River Brahmaputra
The intense and magical Brahmaputra creates its way down Tibet to Greater Himalayas, making its way to Arunachal Pradesh. Stream rafting on Brahmaputra involves dense jungles, charming mountain ends, and tribe agreements that add a liven to your encounter. Stream rafting adventure triggers from Tuting on Subansari Stream and extends 180 km until Pasighat. Ride through Quality 4 rapids, discovering virgin mobile elegance and amazing landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh.

#8. Barapole, Coorgrafting in Barapole, Coorg
Rafting in Coorg guarantees a amazing encounter, starting from Ponya Coffee Property on the financial institutions of Barapole Stream. The rafting adventure contains Quality 2 to 4 rapids, after which the stream becomes extremely strong. You can also see fish and h2o snakes on your adventure.

#9. River Teesta Rafting in Darjeeling and SikkimRiver Teesta Rafting in Darjeeling and Sikkim
The wonderful and strong Teesta Stream moves through Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Sikkim mountain area, and has been ranked Quality 4 due to its variety of rapids and whirlpools of different strength. The strong Stream Rangit is a tributary of Teesta and provides a complicated rafting encounter with its multi-dimensional and intense rapids. The perfect time is springtime or early summer.

#10. Rafting in Orchharafting in Orchaa
For beginners and experience fans, Betwa Stream in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, guarantees a truly unforgettable encounter. Rugged scenery, strong current and Quality 1 and 2 rapids make it the perfect establishing for attractive rafting encounter. Adventure fans who love aquatic activities should definitely include these top 10 river rafting destinations in their list for a truly thrilling confront.

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