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A trip down India’s memory lane with Kanpur

A standout amongst the most noteworthy spots of verifiable significance with respect to the historical backdrop of India’s battle, Kanpur assumed a colossal part in the autonomy of India. This article discusses Kanpur tourism and why each Indian ought to visit this memorable city. Kanpur, otherwise called the Manchester of …

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Craving for a long drive? Try these routes from Mumbai

Are you stuck in the busy lifestyle of Mumbai and want to escape for some hours? If you said yes, then cheer up as there are many routes near Mumbai where you can go for a long drive. Not only these drives will offer you breathtaking views but also the …

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Charming Attractions of the Land Of Royal Majesty-Mysore

Mysore the royal region of Karnataka is one place that is always busy with visitors. There is a lot to explore around the region and people can drown in the beauty of the charming city Mysore. Starting from the palaces till the landscape travelers can enjoy exploring the mesmerizing beauty …

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