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Temple Travel in Delhi

Delhi is not just a cultural hub; it is also the home to many temples. There are a number of beautiful temples in the capital, which are architecturally beautiful and breathtaking. Here are a few temples that should go into your list of things to do in Delhi – Chhatarpur …

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Temples of historical importance in India

India is said to be the place of lords and deities, as you can find numerous temples in India with their own historical importance. And it is quite amazing that each and every temple is visited by thousands of devotees every year. If you are looking forward to visit the …

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Konark famous for its Sun Temple

Sun Temple, situated in Konark, has become the most widely known attraction that’s there in Orissa. The temple was build by King Narasimhadeo within the 13th century. Sun Temple can also be known as ‘Black Pagoda’ because it is build of black granite. The temple focused on Sun God was …

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Top 10 Amazing Wats or temples in India

India is area of Wats or temples. The temples in indian present a unique structural style different to the area. Wats or temples of indian are well-known all over Globe. indian is an excellent area providing amazing destinations. indian temples are known for their traditional importance and structurel appeal. Here …

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