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Upendra Yadav has revealed online articles, blogs, whitepapers, travel Blogs and DIY guides on topics starting from luxury train trip travel guides to the remotest places in India. Upendra's is presently performing on an in depth guide for Western and Southern India with Rajasthan Travel, Delhi and Kerala because the primary

Top 6 Beaches in Goa

When experienced with a beach, we recognize how unimportant we, as people, are in comparison to characteristics. This brings up feelings of awe, which often results in a trivialization of our stresses followed by an in-depth representation on how we fit into the big image. In other terms, what is …

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Konark famous for its Sun Temple

Sun Temple, situated in Konark, has become the most widely known attraction that’s there in Orissa. The temple was build by King Narasimhadeo within the 13th century. Sun Temple can also be known as ‘Black Pagoda’ because it is build of black granite. The temple focused on Sun God was …

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Must Visit Romantic Monsoon Getaway

India is a land with various shades and colors, its colorful fairs and festivals, rejuvenating hill stations, romantic beaches, breathtaking hills, favorable weather conditions and the strategic location make it a perfect place for any type of vacation to undertake. It is one such county in the world, where tourists …

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Top Tourist Destinations in India

India is a vast land and there are thousands of places you can go to. From North to South, East to West there are many places which you can see, each more beautiful compared to other. Out of those thousands. India has never ending and multifaceted tourist destinations with stimulating …

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Beaches in India: Queen of beaches

Beaches are one of the most favorite tourist destinations and perfect honeymoon spot all over the world. If you searching for romantic adventures begin with your partner to live the best moment of your life it is the perfect destination. You can receive pleasure from adventures activity like trekking skiing, …

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Visit popular Hill Stations this Summer

Britishers break away from the sweltering heat of the long Indian summer to some of the cool Hill Station. Impressive as if this land is younger and East blessing in the world, the mountain West, the Himalayas known as an area of about 2560 kilometers in an arc at the …

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