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I am s a travel blogger associated with an Online Travel Guide. She guides travelers to various resources where they can read all about Chakrata tourism.

The Goan Treat is Not Just about Beaches!

Apart from the beaches, Goa is also home to some iconic forts and fortresses. The forts in Goa are humbler in size as compared to the various fortifications in the country. Regardless, these posts are the quick eventual outcome of the spellbinding society and configuration of Goa. They are the …

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Top 5 National Parks to Explore Wildlife

Jungles always give us a sniff of adventure. From elephant rides to viewing of tigers and other endangered species, from the dense greeneries to the migratory birds; these jungles can give one an experience of a lifetime. Those who love adventures and wildlife, national parks are the best place to …

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Temples of historical importance in India

India is said to be the place of lords and deities, as you can find numerous temples in India with their own historical importance. And it is quite amazing that each and every temple is visited by thousands of devotees every year. If you are looking forward to visit the …

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Top reasons for you to visit Leh

Leh is a small town sitting amongst stark surroundings in Jammu and Kashmir State. It is a Buddhist town and best exhibits the nature, culture, and hospitality of Northern India. While arranging an excursion to Leh, the principal question everybody asks is whether you are going via air or road. …

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Places in India that do not require prior booking!

Traveling means lots of planning, and booking in advance, especially during the holiday season. You don’t want to end up homeless in a tourist spot. Most people book their rooms well in advance to skip the end moment hassle. However, there are several places in India where you can simply …

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Popular Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities of World

There are many places or cities across the world that have stood through the test of time having scars of history and show the influence both, positive as well as negative of human civilization. The oldest cities in the world boast stunning architecture and related incredible stories, yet outstandingly few …

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Top 4 places of interest in the town of Chakrata

With green valleys and thick timber lands of conifers, rhododendrons and oaks, Chakrata is a perfect retreat from city life. Excellent scenes pull in nature beaus, trekkers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts from all around to investigate the little hill station resort. The town was before known as Jaunsar Bawar, …

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